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Congressman Darrell Issa leads tour of US-Mexico border to address immigration crisis

By KUSI Newsroom

Congressman Darrell Issa toured the US-Mexico border in San Diego to address the ongoing immigration crisis, and highlight the work and needs of United States Border Patrol.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and California Congresswoman Michelle Steel also participate in the “eye opening” border tour.

Congressman Issa explained, “what happens here, ends up affecting Utah and all the other states. When we say every state is a border state, from the stand point of people dying from fentanyl, people dealing with crime that’s rising, some of it from gangs coming across the border, every state is a border state.”

KUSI’s Teresa Sardina accompanied the group, along with USBP Officers, as they started at the wall  at the Pacific Ocean, and traveled along San Ysidro to Otay Mesa. The tour stopped at a location where there is large gaps in the border wall, allowing illegal immigrants to enter the United States unobstructed.

As they arrived, a man was illegally entering the United States, and walked right up to the group. He was a Russian named Alexander, who spoke no English, and claimed to be seeking asylum, and was taken in for processing.

Rep. Issa said Alexander could have asked for asylum in any of the countries he was in on his way to the United States, but we are the magnet, because “we have the open door.”

Watch Stunning Footage Here